About Us

Théla handcrafts products with discarded plastic, thus preventing plastic waste from polluting and harming the environment.

Hello, I am Diti, founder of Théla. I am a graphic designer from Mumbai and I live in Athens. This initiative has emerged out of my love for design, making things with my hands and living mindfully and as sustainably as possible.

From Mumbai

While living in Mumbai as a child, I did not know of single-use, disposable products like toilet paper, nappies and kitchen rolls. There were no fast food & take-away restaurants and no supermarket chains either. I grew up without single-use products. And with a lot less plastic.

Later however, I witnessed the growth of consumerism and plastic consumption in India and began learning about the harmful impact of plastic on the environment.

To Athens

A few years ago when I moved to Athens, I was confronted with a much higher level of plastic consumption than what I was used to. Here in Europe, plastic consumption is ‘normal’ and more challenging to avoid. Most people don’t know or have forgotten how they lived without plastic but I have been in a position to have lived through its emergence. Maybe that made me more sensitive to its impact and inspired me to do something about it.

And so, already being in the field of sustainability, I put together my knowledge of design and my love for handmade and started Théla.

Théla is a plastic upcycling initiative that handcrafts products with discarded plastic, thus diverting plastic waste from filling landfills, polluting oceans and harming wildlife.

The word ‘Théla’ colloquially means ‘plastic bags’ in Hindi.

Our Team


My mother, hand crafter, best pizza maker, ex-event manager and educational consultant manages all the production and operations in India.


My friend, Veena, co-founder, editor and content strategist at Sirius Interactive is the genius behind the brand name and is a constant advisor for the website content and strategy.


My husband, co-founder of an upcycled fashion label, 3QUARTERS has built the website, does all the product photography and sews the crocheted products.

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