Plastic crocheting

Our plastic crocheting is carried out sustainably in Greece.

An overall lack of awareness

A few years ago when I moved to Athens from Mumbai I realised that there is a lack of awareness about sustainability and the harmful effects of plastic. I noticed an extremely high consumption level of single use plastics. Apart from a lot of coffee consumption in disposable cups and the high amount of packaged products in supermarkets compared to India, food produce at local street markets and wholesale shops rely on plastic bags for transportation, storage and retail.

I was also shocked to discover that most Greek islands do not have a clean water supply and rely on single use plastic water bottles for drinking and cooking for both locals and tourists. Now, that’s a lot of plastic!

The process – from discarded plastic bags to beautiful, functional products

There is a lot of love and thoughtfulness that goes into making the products. I first collect the plastic bags from garbage bins, laïkis (local fruit and vegetable markets), streets and from various collection points. The bags are then hand washed and dried, meticulously cut by hand into yarn and finally crocheted and sewn into unique pieces.

Do take a look at our crocheted products here.

If you are in Athens, please drop off your used plastic bags with our friends at Plastikourgeio, Victoria Square Project or 3QUARTERS instead of throwing them away!

If you are a shop or an office in Athens that would like to be a collection point, please get in touch with us.