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This handy Knick-knack Tray is always ready to catch your stuff – keys, jewellery, coins and other small items. Because sometimes you just want to keep all those varied and daily items in one easy-to-access place.

Made sustainably in India with approximately 15 discarded plastic bags.

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Product Details

– The Knick-knack Tray is made with used and discarded plastic.
– It is reinforced with cardboard from used delivery and storage boxes.
– It has four press buttons that give it its shape.


Please Note:

– Because the Knick-knack Tray is handmade, you may find certain imperfections in its symmetry and appearance. Please bear in mind that this enhances its uniqueness and makes each piece truly one of a kind!

– The colours may vary slightly from the image as we rely on discarded plastic bags that are available to us.


Wash Care:

Rub clean or dust with a dry cloth, do not use water.



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Additional information


base: 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm; rim: 15 cm x 15 x cm; height: 4 cm


100 g (approximate)

The Knick Knack Tray is always ready to catch your stuff because sometimes you just want to keep all those small items in one convenient spot.

Product Story

About Théla - Our Collaborations - Rajiben

The plastic is collected from Bhangaar Wadas (waste collection points), washed and dried, cut into yarn and is finally hand woven by Rajiben, an independent, skilled weaver in Kutch.

It is then cut and reinforced with used cardboard by artisans from Kaarigar Clinic in Ahmedabad.

To know more about the process, click here.

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