Our Partners

Coming together for sustainability.

We partner with various like-minded organizations in India to make our upcycled products – ethical material suppliers and cultural craft units who share our vision of social and environmental sustainability. We are very grateful to them for our growth, approach and values and it is a great source of inspiration to be a part of their ethical community.

Making our bags ethical meant being creative at every step of the process. Read about the transformations we made to make our bags as ethical as possible!


Our plastic fabrics are woven at a cultural craft centre in Kutch.

Khamir is a platform that helps revive the local crafts, heritage and cultural ecology of Kutch, a region in north-west India that is known for its rich handicrafts and textiles. 

Dedicated to supporting traditional, family-run weaving skills and addressing the urban waste problem, Khamir started a plastic weaving initiative in 2010 by training 12 women to collect, wash, cut and weave with discarded plastic. Today, this initiative provides employment to waste collectors, medium-skilled weavers, home-based workers, senior citizens and prison inmates. It also educates the community about the harmful effects of plastic waste.

We work very closely with Khamir to custom make plastic woven fabrics for us, ensuring that there is no new plastic and no wastage during the process.

C C Shroff Self Help Centre

The Self Help Centre is a fair trade NGO in Mumbai that tailors our plastic woven products.

Their main objective is to provide economic independence to low skilled and physically challenged people. They guide, train and equip them with skills like tailoring, embroidery and handicrafts and provide them with the necessary infrastructure and market for the products they make.

About Théla - Our Collaborations - C. C. Shroff Self-help Center
About Théla - Our Collaborations - Rajiben


Several of our products are made by an independent, skilled weaver in Kutch.

After her husband passed away at an early age, Rajiben started working as a labourer in a field to support her family. The eldest weaver in her village instead guided her to work as a weaver at Khamir. This was in 2010 when the NGO had just started the plastic weaving initiative. Rajiben, who is very talented and is always open to experimentation, was curious about this new material. She became one of the first weavers to switch from regular yarn to plastic and eventually managed the entire production process there.

Rajiben now works independently under the guidance of Kaarigar Clinic, a start-up that helps rural artisans become independent and strengthen their business skills. Together they are transforming Rajiben’s talent and enthusiasm into a sustainable craft business.


All the organic fabrics used in our products are naturally dyed in Ahmedabad.

Zabreca is an organization that retails sustainable fabrics, yarns and dyes. They use natural colours extracted from fruits, vegetables and herbs as opposed to the chemical dyes that are toxic for the workers, for us and for the environment.

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