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Théla is all about the joy of being a part of this world. Crafting, creativity and colours, problem-solving and the small everyday things. We want to be a creative force of change and a part of a circular future.

Our Founder

Théla’s founder is Diti, an adventurous, creative person and a sustainability enthusiast – as much in her work as in her personal life. She loves handcrafting and has studied traditional Indian crafts extensively. While coming across the scale of plastic waste upon moving to Europe, she founded Théla, combining her crafting experience and Eastern mindful approach with contemporary urban utilitarianism. 

After years of experience with Théla, she currently works in the sustainability education space, specifically addressing the global plastic waste problem through creative workshops and curriculum designing. 

Our Products

We cherish the small, everyday joys of life – meeting friends, travelling and trying new things. And our products are designed to be with us on every occasion. They’re playful, functional and easy.

Combining joyful, bold, contemporary colour blocking with traditional crafting skills, the fabrics are handwoven on looms with reclaimed plastic (like carry bags, garbage bags and food packaging wrappers).

And we don’t stop there. Our bags and accessories are also vegan, zero-waste, responsibly made and tailored with organic cotton. 

Why Plastic?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Why plastic? It’s a challenge and demands creativity. The results are beautiful and stand out. But the real reason is because it’s waste.

It’s because there’s too much of it already and it’s not going anywhere. Because plastic is a precious, fascinating material and we throw it away like nothing. Because it’s a catastrophe and plastic waste has overwhelmed every ecosystem.


Beyond an accessories brand, Diti & Théla want to address the plastic waste problem at its root, that is, going beyond the repurposing of existing plastic waste to prevention of its use.

Utilising years of experience in sustainability and feedback from our followers, we now offer educational and consulting services in the form of creative workshops on reuse & mindful living for children and adults and curriculum development for schools. 


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