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“No Straw, Please.”

Glass straws from Stream Straws.

What’s the big deal about plastic straws? After all, they are only a tiny little bit of plastic, right?

Well, that exactly is the problem.

Photo Credit – Christie Munro

Straws are so small that they cannot be easily recycled.  They often never even make it to recycling bins and most of them land up in our oceans –  the evidence of this is visible on any beach. Because of their small size they easily entangle marine animals and are consumed by fish.

And they are so commonly used that over 500 million plastic straws are discarded daily in the US alone. Now that really adds up.


So, what can we do to avoid plastic straws?

Have you ever tried drinking your beverage without a straw?

Straws are quite unnecessary for beverage consumption and simply gulping is so much fun!

  • So simply request ‘no straw, please’ at bars and restaurants. Or bring your own reusable straw instead!
  • Educate your family and friends and share your commitment with them.
  • Encourage your favourite restaurant or bar to provide straws only on request and to use reusable ones.


Where can I buy reusable straws?

Glass straws from Stream Straws.
Photo Credit – Stream Straws

Straws are available in glass, steel and bamboo. Here is a list of some shops:

You can also look for all these options on Amazon!

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